Teeth are one the most significant esthetic aspects. Crooked, stained, or generally unsatisfactory teeth negatively impact ones life and lower self-confidence. People with such concerns tend to keep their lips sealed, talk less and cover their mouths while loughing. These ristrictions prove to be frustrating and may eventually lead to social isolation.

Laminate veneers are a considerable treatment choice for patients suffering from some or all of the abovementioned problems. Laminate veneers, an esthetic treatment, are the safest way to renovate unsatisfactory front teeth.

The treatment consists of fabricating veneer crowns over the teeth in question. It is a process whereby discoloured, separated, fractured or even abraded teeth can be fixed and restored to the most desirable state.

The crowns are fabricated using porcelain material, a thin and semi-translucent layer. It does not require the extraction of affected teeth and is not a process of replacement with bridges. Rather, it is the preservation, preparation and restoration of existing teeth. The treatment method itself is no reason for pain and concern.

Who can receive laminate veneer crowns?

Patients with;

  • a gap (diastema) between their front teeth
  • unpleasing (discoloured, shapeless) existing restorations on the visible front surfaces of the front teeth which need to be replaced
  • malformation or hypoplasia on the enamel surfaces
  • crooked or misaligned front teeth
  • teeth discoloured due any of the possible factors
  • fractured or abraded teeth which require mending

Laminate veneers are contraindicated in patients with;

  • excessive caries activity and risk
  • inadequate oral hygiene
  • excessive malocclusion or excessively malpositioned teeth (or dysfunctional jaw relationships)
  • clenching or grinding habits, (ie. Bruxism)

How are laminate veneer crowns fabricated?

The surface of the teeth to be treated must first be prepared for the process by an initial cleaning procedure. Laminate veneer treatments take approximately 3 appointments to complete.

  • Before the design phase the front teeth are prepared under local anesthesia for the next stages of treatment. No pain or discomfort should be felt at this stage.
  • The colour of the teeth are recorded along with the desired colour of the veneers to be fabricated.
  • An impression is taken to register the prepared teeth for the laboratory.
  • Laboratory procedures may take up to 5 days depending on the nature of the work.
  • During this period the patient is supplied with a temporary restoration.
  • The laboratory fabricated laminate veneer restorations are tried-in and delivered upon dentist approval.

What to watch for after receiving laminated veneer crowns?

Although the delivered laminate veneers will integrate very naturally with the existing teeth, there are still points to consider in order to protect the esthetic and functional outcome of treament;


  • Avoid brushing your teeth immediately on the day of delivery, consult your dentist on immediat care.
  • Avoid habits involving the front teeth such as nail-biting, pen/pencil chewing or cutting.
  • Try not to bite into hard foods directly using your front teeth, especially apples or nuts.
  • Maintain a strict follow-up protocol and visit your dentist regulary on a 6-month basis.
  • The advised routine daily dental care protocols are the same as in natural teeth, ie. 3 times daily brushing complemented with flossing. Consult your dentist on the correct care protocol.


As long as preventive, maintanance and supplementary care is applied where necessary and in the right fashion, laminate veneers are expected to integrate esthetically and function just like natural teeth. Laminate veneers can provide the satisfactory esthetic smile every patient deserves and needs.

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