It is the first procedure through which the dentist is given information about the treatments that will be performed with a panoramic x-ray (jaw X-ray) taken for every individual who comes to our center, and the treatment methods are determined and explained to the patient.


X-Rays; Helps dentists diagnose problems with teeth and jaw.

• Interface bruises, bone loss and problems in the root canal, which are not noticed during the examination, can be easily detected.

• Panoramic x-ray provides early diagnosis of many dental caries, cystic and tumoral formations in the jaws.

• By taking the image of all teeth, saving time and treatment costs are saved with early diagnosis and treatment.

• It helps to make treatment planning faster and more accurately.

• It shows the area to be treated very broadly and increases the success rate of the treatment.

• With the panoramic x-ray guidance, the buried teeth can be removed more easily by the dentist.

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